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Saturday, May 08, 2010

All Things New

Good morning everyone. I have a finished photo of my latest design. And I finally gave it a name. "All Things New". With this chart I have included a free chart of the same design but with the saying All Things Are Made New. 2 Corinthians 5:17 It does not have the ocean background, just the mound and the flower with 2 hearts. So you can stitch both or just one. I thought it would be great for spring because everything is made new again and we can all use a little newness in ourselves. If you have a chance check out DMC's blog. They have some pictures of my stitching area. They asked me what I could share and I only have my chair and a side table close by were I keep everything that I need to stitch the models. I can stay close to the family that way. Goodness knows they hate all of the time I spend on the computer. My other favorite seat is a bench in the park by the ocean. Hope you have a good weekend and if you are a mom have a wonderful mothers day.
love donna


  1. I love this new design...the flower color is so pretty!

  2. This is just stunning! I love the largeness of the flower with the water as the background. Very pretty!

  3. I love the new design! And I loved seeing your sewing space too! You're like me - no sewing room, just a chair. lol! You're so lucky to have a wonderful view of the ocean at your house -- and in my favorite place ever, Maine.

  4. Very pretty, I love it! You're so lucky to be able to stitch by the ocean. I wait every year for summer and my opportunity to stitch lakeside when we vacation.

  5. I love your new design! I am looking forward to being able to stitch it!

  6. I love anything to do with the ocean. Will absolutely have to do one of your designs SOON! Decisions; which one first.

  7. Another great design!!!


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