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Monday, May 24, 2010

All In The Family (Starting Them Young)

Good morning
I wanted to share a photo of my grandson from this weekend. My husband thought it would be great to have him wear my glasses and pretend that he is stitching my new mermaid. It was so cute I couldn't stop laughing. What a helper!!


  1. OMG! He's sooooo cute! That picture is fantastic!

  2. He is just ADORABLE!!!!

  3. What a fabulous helper, I'm sure you'll have him actually stitching in no time! Thanks for the sneak peek of the mermaid. Looks beautiful!

  4. How fun! This is just too cute!

  5. So cute! Especially enjoyed this because my grandson and I spent time last weekend working on his first cross stitch project (his dad can't believe this is happening!!). He really enjoyed it - asking one evening if he had to go to bed right away 'cause maybe we could "sew" some more...

  6. Donna: he is soooo sweet, I bet grandma is just the best to hang around for this big guy.
    Happy stitching.


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