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Sunday, August 02, 2015

2 new designs :)

I have 2 new designs that will be available when the Norden online show starts. It will be running from Aug 10th until Aug 19th. Since it is a wholesale show I am not sure where they will show the photos of all of the designers charts.......they do have a Facebook Page for the show.
Willow Bay

Pumpkin Spice
I am working on a tutorial  for "Pumpkin spice" so you can make it into a mattress pincushion....all of the pictures are ready but I am just finishing up with the directions....this will be available on the blog very soon, and I also made some cute flower and pumpkin pins from Shrinky Dinks that will be available on etsy.....these match the black and orange pumpkin and the flowers on the stitched piece.
Time for Bed (its 11:00pm here ) have a good night  donna :)


  1. Lovely new designs, Donna. Looking forward to the tutorial.

  2. These designs are just beautiful. Best wishes for a successful show!


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