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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sneak Peek.....some supplies for the Serenity Harbor Free Kit

I have been stitching away and have a peek for you of the stitched piece that will be on the cover of the Needle/Project Book that was available with Serenity Harbor sign ups (before April 15th)
Design for the cover of the "thank you kit" for Serenity Harbor. Personalized name, year above the house.....buttons, cording for closure, cardboard, and wool/felt.....getting ready to make directions, finish model and start packaging :)
still have to fold under edges and stitch in upper left?...not sure ....still playing!!


  1. This is lovely !
    Would make a nice gift.

  2. This is really pretty!

  3. Oh how beautiful Donna!! I am so excited to see this!! I just love this so much!!! It will be perfect for all of us to enjoy!!! :)

  4. WOW, this is so exciting I can't wait. Thank you Donna.

  5. lovely needlebook giftie for the participants ( and me !) I also appreciated reading your tutorial on the mattress pin pillow in the prior post. Thanks for all that helpful info. Mel

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Donna, I love this needle book! My only question is, since I'm not a capable sewer, will I be able to put this all together and have it look presentable? The stitching part I can handle, but the sewing part has me worried!

    1. I will try my best to leave it petty simple, I will take plenty of pictures and I dont use a sewing machine myself so it will pretty much hand sewing,,,,I have faith in you :)

  8. Deborah Trimble10:27 AM

    Love it Donna..look forward to receiving it..thank you!

  9. This is wonderful and going to be a great memorial reminder for stitching SH. Thank you

  10. Love it Donna..look forward to stitching it ..thank you..Debbie Trimble..:)

  11. You're welcome to all :)
    I just finished receiving all of the supplies and I will work on the model some more, cut fabric and make directions with plenty of pictures,
    Cant wait to share again
    donna :)

  12. OMG i am in love...with cross stitch i love your blog, all isee is

  13. Hello Donna,

    I would like to make someone voor myself do you have the lovely stitch pattern?
    or is it for sell? lots of love from Bianca

  14. I love the stitching book. So pretty!! I would pay for the kit. Your designs are so wonderful and really represent the New England flavor. Your designs remind me of when I was in Plymouth looking at the Mayflower and the ocean and having a Lobster Newburg.

  15. I so love the needlebook beautiful. Again I so love your designs. Love...Love....would it be okay to put something on my blog about this project? Please le me know.

  16. Love the colors in the needlebook too. The bluish gray with the pink is so pretty.


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