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Friday, February 05, 2016

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I have been working on my fabric for my monthly free "Affirmations"
I am going to be using a muslin fabric that I coffee stained the other morning. I found a great hanger for what I had in mind. 
I found it on Etsy and it measures 13 inches perfect....they do have others that are shorter but this will work great. 
I then took a yard of fabric and cut it 13 inches wide by 36 inches in length.....I also cut a piece of very thin batting the same size. I layered the 2 together and pinned the edges.....sprayed it with morning coffee ...let it dry...then I used "Fray Check" all around the outer edges of the it will not fray to much because I am not going to finish my edges :)
After it dried I stitched the 2 layers together along the outer edges about a 1/4 inch in....I used a large gathering stitch but obviously did not pull to gather :) and a perl cotton thread.

And I am all ready to add my embellishments......
Once a month I will add a "Word" that has meaning in my family's life.....or my friends lives........I will think on that word all month and see how I can be it....and share it. :)

So I have 16 words so far and this will go on for more than a year but since I did want to start it in January that means I am a month problem.....I will release 2 words for February........
The first 2 words are "Love" and "Precious"
So if you would like to receive the small charts to stitch these words please make sure you are signed up to receive my emails........I will send the first ones out this Sunday.....

Here are a couple of pics of what I have started !!
This is not going to be something perfect....just having fun.....adding buttons, lace, free hand stitching, some quilting along the way and applique.....maybe even some crochet.....Cant wait to be free and have fun!!!

13 x 36 coffee stained, 


  1. Hi Donna! I signed up for your newsletter, but it seems I didn't receive it. My email is I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but could I please be included in your SAL? Thank you!


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