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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Working On "Summer Shade"

Hi everyone, I am fine, just enjoying the beautiful days.I've also been stitching. Working on a new design called "Summer Shade". It's almost done. Sorry I tried to take a picture of it tonight but my batteries died in my camera. Maybe tomorrow. But I did manage to get one photo earlier today of the pomegranate stumpwork with a frame that I painted for it.
I have a question for anyone out there. If you were to take a class at a cross stitch shop what kind of class would you like? I'm going to be teaching more and would like to know what you are looking for. I love stumpwork but I realize that it's not for everyone so any suggestion would be great. Thank you, Donna


  1. Anonymous7:56 PM

    IMHO on the classes: I learn well on my own from books, so I rarely take classes, but I would be tempted to take classes with a designer whose patterns I liked, especially if it was a pattern designed just for the class and not available otherwise...


    P.S. I browsed for your blog because I went to my LNS earlier today and came home with your pattern "Summer Hill", which I will start in a few minutes, using 32ct Miracle Mint Belfast linen. Lovely pattern!


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