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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Peek at 2 new releases for January

Hi everyone,

I've been spending the day baking woopie pies(mm mm good), stitching, laundry, and my husband volunteered to clean the candle holders for the Christmas Eve service. We took them home to work on them here. To much stuck wax, ugh!

Well I plan on releasing 2 new designs for January.
One is my stump work alphabet piece. But instead of stump work I am working it in cross stitch with some different stitches. Every month I will release 2 letters for your sampler.

Also I am stitching the letters on linen and finishing with wool. Each letter will be separate with a different wool finish. You will blanket stitch these 2 wool pages together, insert grommets, and put the rings through them and make an alphabet book.( you'll have to see it, I'm too tired tonight to explain it well) Every month you can add 2 more letters. So you can finish this project either way, as a sampler or as an alphabet book.

My other design is a bay scene like some of my earlier designs.

I'm almost finished my "Lend A Hand". I decided to make a hanger for it and hang it from our door. So every time we leave the house we can think of what we can do for someone else.

Off to give my daughter a ride to a Christmas Party,
Have a good night


  1. This is so exciting! Can't wait to see more! I noticed your charts are on 123 Stitch. You have a very pretty style and I hope sells are going well. Our house is french country, but I think you have some charts that will work well for us. Great talent!

  2. I'm sure your samplers will be beautiful! I can't wait to see...


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