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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Weekend

Hi, Just sharing a couple of pictures from my weekend. We had my grandson, Liam. He is such a joy. He loves to help Pop Pop cook chili and cuddle on the couch with him. I've been stitching "Gigi's Garden". I'm so excited to share it with you but you have to wait. I'm working on her dress and just finished her hair, and oh what big eyes. Well I don't have work tomorrow and that's a good thing because we are suppose to have 9-15 inches of snow. I'm ready to stitch and stitch and I need to start paper work for taxes. I need to be more organized.Have a good night.


  1. Aren't grandsons just the best?

  2. Great pics!! Liam is just too cute!!

  3. hi Donna, i see the pictures of your we! your grandson is very lovely!!! it's a very good moment something of delicious...whit the family!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are lucky!!
    many compliments for the LITTLE ROSE HOUSE !! BEAUTIFUL, VERY BEAUTIFUL

  4. Liam is just too cute! I see he'll be a "chef" someday! Lovely family Donna!


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