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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank you And Etsy Update

Thank you everyone for your comments. The darker picture was the winner. I ordered them and the charts should be ready this Saturday to go out to shops and distributors.
I am going to be discontinuing some of my older designs to make room for my new designs. We only have so much room at home. My organizing is becoming very dysfunctional. I must simplify! That is my word for the month. I’ve heard it 3 days in a row now.
So check out my Etsy shop for my deeply discounted charts that I am not going to the printer with again. Once they are gone then they are all gone.
Also I truly am working on more things for my Etsy shop besides the discontinued charts.
I just need more time, does anyone have any for sale?
Have a good night

(I'm still working on adding more charts but my husband wants to go out to eat)so i'll be back


  1. Time...a precious commodity! I need more too! Especially since I'm increasingly finding it difficult to find time for all my hobbies, in addition to the housework!

  2. I was just on vacation and saw a sign I wanted. I should have gotten it. It was a board sign--washed out blue with a white stencil of a woman in an old fashioned swimsuit under an umbrella and it said SIMPLIFY. Hmmmm, a coincidence?? I love that word and will be doing some of that myself soon! Thx for the info on your discontinued charts.


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