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Monday, January 10, 2011

My TUSAL needs more floss!!!

Hi everyone, I have joined Daffycats TUSAL and I am posting a picture of my extra large jar that I will fill with my ORTS.
TUSAL - (Totally Useless Stitch A Long)
ORTS (Old Ratty Thread s) HAHA. I like this!!

I never knew what these letters meant but now I do. You learn something everyday.
I have tried many times to save these threads and never managed to get more than a handful but I will try harder this year since everyone else is doing it too.
Its fun to belong to a group even if it is totally useless. HAHA
Have a good night


  1. "Ort" is a real word that means leftover (usually food). I think "old ratty thread" is a false acronym.

  2. Thanks, I never used that word before, but old ratty thread is clever. You are great and thanks for the info. donna

  3. Welcome to the big TUSAL family... :o) Even in German those words are already known... ;o)

    Best wishes (also for your large jar)


  4. Yes, ort is a "real" word but some of us like to have fun with words and so we have turned the word ort in an acronym just for stitching. Nothing false about it.

    Thanks for joining my SAL!


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