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Monday, March 07, 2011

Sneak Peek and TUSAL

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just haven't been in the mood. I get tired of the computer sometimes and just stay away. But I'm back and I am sharing a few peeks of 3 new designs that I will release soon. One is a Funky Flower(no name yet) and I did her on black. The other 2 are Bees. I planned on making 3 Bees and then stitching them together like a lantern to hang with a cord and a tassel at the bottom. So I still have to stitch them together and finish up directions. Cant wait to share that photo.
Well I have to go because I am having to drink the most horrible stuff there is. Tastes like salty lemon water, and guess what its for and what I am having done tomorrow. Ugh!! Oh no more talk about that!!
I will have more to share later this week.
Have a good night


  1. Yuk..that stuff is horrible to drink..and keep down! Good wishes for tomorrow....

  2. I can't feel your pain on the yucky drink your are "enjoying" for tomorrow, but I can understand...kinda! Hope everything goes well with that.

    Your sneak peaks are delightful! I look forward to seeing the whole enchilada when it's complete!

  3. Good Luck tomorrow. That stuff is nasty! Prep is worse than the procedure.

  4. Love the sneak peeks! Good luck tomorrow. Ugh!

  5. It's wicked stuff all right. The procedure is nothing compared to it! Hope all goes well for you.
    Thank you so much for the sneak peeks. They're just a tease you know!

  6. That's ok--we all need a break sometime.

    Very cute flower. You can name her after me...LOL!

  7. You poor dear I feel so sorry for you. Your designs are beautiful though

  8. Your sneak peeks are so pretty!

  9. Such pretty ORTs, Donna!

    Ewww ~ I hope everything went well!

  10. oooo Donna... I LOVE the bees!
    I hope the drink and all turns out well...
    Wow did you ever pick a big jar for you tusal! mine's small so it looks full! lol
    Hope your day is quick and good tomorrow

  11. Wonderful sneak peeks...looking forward to seeing more!


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