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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peek @ chart bonus

Enough with the rain!! We need a little sunshine. I have been stitching away and getting charts ready for the mail. Here is a picture of the other option for stitching "Early American Garden". Lighthouses, palm trees, and clouds.
Well I have to go and stitch away. I need to catch up on some Funky Flowers.
Like Annie said "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow"


  1. I'm am wishing for sunshine too!! Oh the rain the rain.

  2. I want to thank-you for the photos of your shop i do wish I lived closer so I could visit.
    I love your American Garden series I am also going to have to add them to my stash.

  3. I love this option! I'm partial to palm trees.
    We finally have a nice day here today but they're calling for more rain over the weekend. Enough!

  4. A stitching friend just posted on her blog that she had recently visited your wonderful shop. The virtual tour of the shop is just wonderful and so enticing that I can't wait to visit very soon! The sun briefly peeked out yesterday, but alas, it is cloudy and cold here. But the weather man promised that the sun was definitely going to be out and it supposed to be in the low 80's on Tuesday!


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