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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sharing a photo from a fellow stitcher.

This is a picture from Mark who has been stitching for 20 years.
He made it for his wife for their anniversary.
Lucky lady!!
Hi everyone, it is getting so cold here. I have a picture to share with you from Mark. Who I am sure made his wife so happy on their anniversary with this gift. See men can stitch too.
I also have a couple of photos of the Drive Through Nativity that we had at church.

There were quit a few scenes and all of the actors did a wonderful job. Especially the children!!
I am going to cuddle on the couch with my stitching. Sounds like fun!!
Have a good night


  1. The Nativity looks amazing...keeping good thought for your hubby. Mine is finally on the mend and all the good wishes we received I kknow helped!

  2. What a thoughtful man! Very nice stitching!! I have actually delivered flowers to a house where the man does needlework. I thought it was very neat!

  3. A drive thru Nativity, what a neat idea!
    Mark has done a wonderful job on his stitching. I'll bet his wife is thrilled!


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