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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

     " Hump-Day " promotes different thoughts here on the beautiful Maine seacoast, as this diving Humpback whale so majestically shows us his tail !

     In light of that line of thought, Id'e like to share some Winter pix. from our recent Nor'Easter dubbed by the weathermen as " Hercules " . As you can see, " Neither rain nor sleet or even snow, ...can hold our Fishermen on the GO ! " 

     There is indeed a layed back " Fishing Village "  charm here in York, Maine. A Good Ol' Fashioned New England Winter, is well deserving of being placed on everyone's Bucket List !

     From experiencing the actual beauty of a Snow Storm, to sipping a glass of fine wine, fireside at renowned York harbor Inn, you can STITCH in the quiet serenity of that crackling  stone fireplace.
What a treat !.....How about a RE- TREAT ?,...................coming very soon !!!

     Meanwhile, I'm stitching away on a new Old Fashioned New England Winter scene that I'm truly excited about, as well as finishing up my " Bird's of a Funky Feather " series.

Other projects that are keeping me busy are an upcoming class for a Massachusetts Chapter of The Embroiderers Guild of America, which is being held at Yankee Cross-Stitch in Hampton, N.H.
The group has chosen to stitch a 3-D StumpWork project.

     Be on the look-out for a new product line which is a Needle Felted / Mixed Media group of angels, which I have named " MESSENGERS ".
                                            Something NEW,......Fun, Fun, Fun !!!

Keep Warm
Keep Stitching and...



  1. Happy Newyear Donna: I am excited about the felted angels I am just getting into needle felting.

    Thank-you for all youir lovely designs.


  2. Are you going to be selling those angels? I love them!! Thanks also for showing the Maine coast in the winter. I've always wanted to see the coast all snowy like that. So beautiful, but so cold!

  3. Happy New Year Donna! I can't wait to see the completed winter piece.
    It sounds like you have lots of great events planned. The angels are fabulous!!

  4. Love your pics and projects, as always ;) . Can't wait to see the winter stitching pattern when you are finished. Another one to wait in anticipation about :)

  5. We managed to escape the wrath of Hercules here. Just the edge of the storm touched us and we ended up with some freezing rain followed by a deep freeze.
    I love your mixed media angels! Very sweet.
    Happy New Year to you and your family and keep warm!

  6. I love the colors in the new piece you're working on. Thanks for sharing the pics on your winter weather.

  7. Gorgeous coastal pictures. You are so creatively talented! Love those felted angels; very neat. Stay warm and have a happy stitchy day. Hope the new year has brought goodness and health to you and yours. :)


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