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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Betsy is sharing her finish of Serenity Harbor

The piece was stitched by Betsy Minor who is a client and stitcher at Country Cupboard in Orland Park, IL. She changed the colors of the flowers and large house to yellow which complements the piece nicely. The "finishing" was done by Karen Jablonski of "Averyclaire NeedleArts" . She added a matching cotton backing, handmade cording and hand painted dowel and finials. 
And I have to say it looks beautiful....I love the changes and the finish with a dowel hanger is wonderful....Thank you Betsy & Karen for sharing.


  1. Lovely, simply lovely.

  2. Now THAT is spectacular!

  3. Lovely, lovely and reminds me to post a picture of my finished piece. Annika

  4. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Thank you for posting Betsy's version of the Serenity Harbor Sampler. It is exquisite! I know these pieces take a LONG time to stitch, but she did beautiful work. Well worth the time involved.


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