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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More Tree Directions Have been added to the Etsy shop

Happy Tuesday to all!! Back to working....turkey all cleaned, millions of dished done, food packed, and mom is back at home....and the house is still a bit clean! YEAH!!
I hope you all had a Blessed Thanksgiving.....

Just a quick note that Lori from Not Forgotten Farm used my Tree Directions/Pattern to make some Wool Feather trees for her open house on Saturday....her husband also made some of the cutest "House" tree stands for them.....she posted them on Facebook but here is a link to her blog with info about her OPEN HOUSE this Saturday, check out her Etsy shop and if I lived closer I would love to visit her for the Open House.....But I will have to dream.....Thank you Lori

And Rose from Three Sheep Studio also used my Directions/Pattern to make some trees and made some really cute tree skirts for them....here is a link for her too!!!.....
You can find info on the right sidebar and find the picture of the trees....check out Roses blog and Etsy shop .....very nice things to make and create....keep those fingers busy!!

Here is a couple of pictures of a tree that I made using cotton fabric that I coffee stained. Looking for that old newspaper print look!
Cotton Fabric that I purchased and coffee stained

a Cube of wood that I covered with music note paper
I cut these strips to be 1 1/2 inches wide...they frayed a bit but that is ok
 because thats the look I wanted....OLD :)
Bailey is looking in the window in the back.......Birds maybe?

So if you are looking for the Wool Feather Tree Directions you can find them here......and don't forget you can use other materials besides wool.....!!


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  1. I absolutely love this different take on the "wool" feather tree ! Very clever ;)


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