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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Smooth Sailing, New Design

Happy August!!
August is almost gone and September is on the way but I just dont want to let summer go yet!
I have a small design that I finished called "Smooth Sailing", 
I did post a peek before and told you that it was small but had potential.
Smooth Sailing from By The Bay

"Smooth Sailing" cross stitch design with POTENTIAL for more!! haha
The above photo is the potential :)
I just couldn't resist doing more with this little design, so I cut around the outer edges, fray checked them and added it to a piece of upholstery fabric I had. Took some brown wool and added a tree, cut out some green for the leaves, added wool rocks for the ground with some sea grass.
 I wanted to bring in the same colors from the design into the forefront so I made some wool roses to tuck in between the rocks, I have some small pieces of Serenity Harbor fabric so I used that also by tracing some small hexagons, cut them out, and attached around the very bottom of the scene. 
Cant forget the clouds and sun...wool yarn couched down for the clouds and the center of the sun was some weaving with floss and very long lazy daisy stitches for the rays. 
OH! I almost forgot the seagull, wool and embroidery...
I did finish it as a small quilted wall hanging and it is hanging from a tree branch...It was FUN!!
SO IF YOU want to try your imagination too, I have included the template for the tree, leaves, rocks, hexagons, and bird with the charted cross stitch for "Smooth Sailing", you can have FUN too.
This design will be available for shipment to shops by the end of next week and in the Etsy shop the week after. :)

If you like the simplicity of the small design it measures 3 x 5 if stitched on 28ct linen over (2)
 or 14 ct Aida, 
it will fit great in a 4 x 6 frame. 
The stitch count is 42 x 68, Stitched on 28ct lambswool linen
I will share more photos soon!! Have a great day


  1. I just like the simple sailing ship. The whole is a nice chart too.


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