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Friday, June 08, 2018

Free Design for Encouragement and Thankfulness

Happy Friday to all of you.
I was watching YouTube on our TV last night and following the suggestions 
under cross stitching  and came across a picture of someone holding
 up a finished design of mine that I gave away long ago in 2010 as a freebie....
so I watched the video and saw that she was not sure who the designer was 
so I went to my computer later to send her a message that it was mine ....
I noticed a message in the Etsy shop and it was from Pam Schaffner 
who made the video...she was asking about the chart because someone told her 
they thought it was mine.....
So Cool!! that I saw it just by chance an hour earlier...
I think God is in this coincidence :)...
So I am posting the design because you never know
 who needs it at the moment!! God knows that someone does!...
Love you all

Click on the words "CLICK HERE" below the picture to be taken to the PDF
  so you can stitch it for yourself or someone that 
needs a little

Click HERE!!

I had the design printed on fabric long ago and then finished it a small floss tag :)


  1. thank you the chart and I am sorry for your lose. big hugs

  2. I saw this chart last week on Pam & Steph's Flosstube video... I am so pleased to now know who the designer is - it is gorgeous and thank you for sharing the chart. God definitely had a hand in bringing you and Pam together at the right time.
    Hugs x

  3. Thank you for this beautiful chart!! Saw it on Pam n Steph's Flosstube video.

  4. Thank you (and Pam) for finding this design and making it available. I am going to change it to Teal for Ovarian Cancer but the message is the same, whatever cancer you are fighting. Glad to find your blog...

  5. How wonderful to have this chart available to the stitching community. Thank you Donna. When I saw Pam's stitched piece, I was immediately in love. Thanks to the person who told Pam she thought it was your design and thank you for bringing it to us now. Blessings. Linda

  6. very pretty , thank you

  7. Thank you for sharing the wonderful design with the stitching community. Just by chance Pam & Steph's 52nd floss tube video popped up after their current video on 04/11/20 was watched so was able to get the link to this breast cancer survivor design. Again a God moment to have received this design to be able to stitch it with ohthers. God Bless! Paula (Miland, Tx)


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