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Sign up for new SAL- Elm Shore Heights is the next release!! !!

Sign up for new SAL- Elm Shore Heights is the next release!! !!
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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

We are at the end of the Harbor Haven SAL

Good evening Needlesmiths
The last Scene #12 will be going out a little late...I just finished the Free chart that I promised to all of the SAL participants  It went to the printer today (Wednesday) and just ordered photos this evening (Wednesday) so by the time I put all together they will be in the mail for the shop participants by either this Saturday or Monday and I will PDF out the Free chart and Scene #12 to all my participants on the 12th instead of the 10th. These will go out to all that have paid for the whole year... I did have a few that dropped out during the year but you had to stay with us for the year to receive the free chart. SO HERE IT IS............

"Soul Food for the Needlesmith"

This design is a companion to the original
 “I Am A Needlesmith”

Since we all work so diligently with our hands, whether it be for pleasure, to give as gifts, decorate our home or to provide an income for our family we certainly do this with JOY and it does fill our SOUL

One of my favorite Bible verses is below … just a snippet. It was way too long to type

Proverbs 31…
Starting with verse 10
“Who can find a wife of noble character?
She is far more precious than jewels”…
 (v13) “She selects wool and flax and works with willing hands”…….

Stitch this reminder to hang on your wall
 Or to give as a gift
 …that as you work with your
Flax and Wool, Needle and Threads
Remember you are far more

Happy Stitching

donna +

Info for this design can be found in this link to my Design Blog

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