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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

My Other Centers and some work along the way

These are the other ways that I worked on the design, 
I had the Bible verse and then I made it into a shorter verse 
and then I just added the corners to the center!!

Well as I said I kept changing things and finally decided 
on the darker borders I have and a
 simple word "Seasons" 
and then I did like the Sailboat too!!

So yes!! I am in a quandary,
 because I am giving the smaller Postcard borders free 
every month to fit the 1/8 sections and then 
at the end of the SAL I am giving the 1/4 Seasons 
with the added motif's as a Thank You for joining in the SAL

And There are the new options for either the Sailboat or the Word Seasons
So I dont think I can give these other options away too.

But .........Maybe towards the middle of the SAL I can make
 these Center options as a PDF for download 
if you email me and request them, as long as you signed up for the SAL

 ......But at the moment I have to many Seasons to chart out 
with directions, along with covers for Hard copies
 and then for PDF's, along with email list and billing list
.....HAHA I am sure you know what I am jabbering about  

So that is my ramble for today 


  1. Hi Donna: I love them all but the boat has my heart.


  2. Hi donna,
    Im trying to get my invoice. I cannot find it to change the payment. Can you send me it in a email so I can change the card number.
    Thank you

    1. I just resent it to you from Paypal

  3. So if we bought the pattern from a store how do we get the pattern that we want for the middle of the pattern


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