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Friday, November 15, 2019

Boo Boo!!

Since we have started the "Time for Seasons" SAL and I started stitching this a few days ago
....I came across a Symbol that has gone rogue
....DMC 3052 has decided to venture out on his own
 and land in some peculiar places.  

On this section by the large tree and the house on the left he decided to hug the tree trunk
...I have highlighted him in yellow for that space should really be DMC 502

And on the section by the fence and the house on the right he had landed by the fence
...I have highlighted him there and that space should be 3011
....I guess he wanted to blend in with his family HAHA

So this little NOTE! is only for the charts that are hard copies and sent to the shops
 Because I found him early enough I could fix all of the PDF's last night...
So we are good to go,  but if you have received a hard copy 
please keep your eye out for this little wanderer. 
Happy Stitching

1 comment:

  1. Donna: I am lucky I did not get the little rogue stinker.
    Thank-you for the update.
    I will start stitching next week, yahoo.



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