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Friday, November 08, 2019

Check out the "Old Tattered Flag" and a "Special" in the Shop This Week

This weeks Special in the shop is "Holy Night"
Purchase "Holy Night" and receive "Outline Art Christmas Pack #2" for Free
The Outline Art was a cross stitch idea I had long ago, 
It was an idea for you to cross stitch the outlines of the designs first
 and then you can just fill in the sections after with no counting, 
So if you were stitching when you could be distracted....
there would be no worry about counting because you already had the counting part finished only had to color in the spaces. 
I do LOVE the Simplicity of the Dove with the word "PEACE"

And Speaking of Trees.....Were we speaking of trees?

Well that is the topic we are moving on to.
 "The Old Tattered Flag"
has been working with the Sizzix Machine for cutting wool strips for rug hooking
 and has the idea for the Sizzix Machine that will cut your
Wool Fringe Strips for you so can make your wool feather trees quickly, 
save your fingers, and save time...
So if you plan on making some of these tree's this will certainly help.

Also I believe you have to have Facebook to be able to see the video....Im not sure though!!
So here is a link to her website also 

So hop on over to the "Old Tattered Flag" and grab a cup of coffee 
and watch the video with Julie and her Mom
Have a good weekend and Enjoy stitch too

1 comment:

  1. Donna: The ornaments are adorable.
    Thank-you for the link.



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