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Monday, August 31, 2020

Tribute To Tillie

 I would like to share a YouTube from "The Cross Stitch Cupboard"

They had a Tribute to Tillie

They said " Our dear friend, Tillie King left us too soon.

We were unable to properly honor her trip to Heaven

 so we stitched and set up a special Memorial Show in honor

 of a wonderful lady.

RIP Tillie King"

I was honored that Tillie loved By The Bay designs. 

I did read about her on Facebook, 

 and I did not know Tillie personally 

but I have read many things about her 

on Facebook  from many Friends and Family. 


Please watch the Video, Here is the link.....Click Here!!

And her Facebook link is here too!!

Thank you everyone that stitch the designs for Tillies Tribute,

 it was AMAZING




  1. Thank you for sharing the link, Donna! This is such a beautiful way to honor a fellow stitcher's memory. I'm sure Tillie is smiling down at all those lovely pieces created in her memory ♥

  2. Rest in peace dear Tillie. Stitiching in her memory is such a beautiful tribute.

  3. Donna: She looks like a very sweet Lady.
    Thank-you for sharing with us.



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