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Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Pictures

Here are some quick pictures I just took. I am not finished with so much yet but I am trying.
One is a picture of one of the designs on "Outline Art Christmas Pack #2" There are 2 more designs with this pattern but I have to do the finishing.
The other pictures are of my other new design, not yet finished called "Around The Robins Nest".
I have been inspired by so many round robin neighborhoods I thought I would design this one and I've been stitching it for about a month, And it just so happens that there is a new blog called "Me Myself & I Round Robins" I just joined and I welcome you to check out the link and see if you are interested.
I'll write again soon, Donna


  1. Donna,
    "Glory" is so sweet! I love the lambs! Precious. Great frame, too.
    Looking forward to seeing "Around the Robin's Nest" completed.

  2. Donna, that is so pretty! I can't wait to see the finished piece.

  3. That's so neat, Donna! Love the robin's nest!

    I think the new MMIRR will be so fun... I can't believe how many of us are participating.

    BTW, got your message... I'm sorry I missed you again! If you want to email me your #, I can try to tag you for a bit LOL

  4. Donna do love both Glory and your Around the Robin's Nest! Very nice designs! Thank you so much for the freebie! Love roses!

  5. Love "Round the Robins Nest", will have to put it on my list! Great ideas please keep them comin!


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