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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update on Etsy and Peek of Bumble Bee design

Here are the pictures of my new design. Sorry the pictures are a little blurry and I didn't have time to iron the piece, but you can get the idea.

And I also have put a few designs on my Etsy shop (I will do that from time to time) What a surprise.

Have a good evening


  1. That is some very sweet stitching...those bees are adorable!

  2. Donna love this design!! I think the blossoms on the tree branches are sooooo delicate. Maybe name it Bumbles by the Bay.

  3. I love bees--supposedly my name Deborah's meaning is bumblebee, so I collect them, so cannot wait to see this pattern!!!

  4. Looks wonderful! Love it!

  5. How about Buzzing By The Bay.

    I love bee's. I collect bee hives. Have them hanging throughout my house. Last count I think was 10.

  6. I love this design already! Beautiful colors.
    How about Bumblebee Cove or Honeybee Cove?

  7. Those are the sweetest little bees!
    I vote for Honeybee Cove. I think it's just perfect for this one.
    Looking forward to more peeks!

  8. Those flowers are so soft looking on the tree. This is a great sneak peek!

  9. I like your color palette on this. It's so restful.

  10. Such a clever and very pretty bee design!

  11. favorite! Love the sneek peek!


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