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Monday, June 21, 2010

Just to answer a couple of questions

Monique asked if the Harry Potter Park was handicap accessible. I don't believe it really is.

They have a large area outside but in the castle it has some seating restrictions for the ride. After waiting in line the whole time to finally get to the ride part they have you try to see if you fit into these seats (that's only if there is any thought that you might not fit). So a big dad or a mom with huge boobs might have a hard time and might be turned away.

Sorry to sound like that but they seem to have it geared toward kids and young adults.

Also the shops they have are awesome but are very small in side. There were lines waiting to get into them. And then you have to push your way around.

I would wait for it to be off season (if that even exist for them).

And Bonnie asked how to make the apples on "Temptation Hill"
Here are some photos I tried to take today(Not the best)

Here is the first line out of 4 that you have to make.
It is a 4 square. Come up in the middle(center) of the four squares and go down into each outer corner.
4 squares = 4 corners and make sure you come up from the middle(center).

When the 4 anchor lines have been made come up the middle again.
Take needle with thread, and go under one(anchor)thread and go over the next, under the next, over the next.
You will continue this way (Actually you are only going under the same 2 threads the whole time because I have an even number of anchor threads used) until all of the anchor threads are covered.

Keep Going!!

Good Job. What lovely little apples. Just add the stems.

Here is sneak peek at "Beatrice"

Have a good evening and talk to you again on Wednesday.


  1. I can't wait to see more of Beatrice!

  2. What or who is Beatrice? Another mermaid? Love your blog and all your neat designs.
    Your witch is fabulous!
    Love those apples!
    God Bless ~

  3. I'm so excited to see more of Beatrice! :) Thank you for the apple tutorial, I was a little confused myself!

  4. I love the colours in Beatrice! Looking forward to seeing more.


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