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Monday, August 02, 2010

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day it has been. We have been working on a surprise that I have waiting for a long time. So maybe next week I can share more or maybe by this weekend. But it has been keeping us very busy. I just finished 2 more Funky Flowers and a leaf pattern. The Funky Flowers will be ready by next Monday and the leaf will be too but I am working on a free pattern to go along with the leaf, so that might take a few more days. I will have an update on my Etsy shop by the end of the week.
So check back for new things.
I have been checking up on blogs but have not had any time to leave any comments, sorry, but I am out there reading, sometimes its late at night.
Here are some pics of the new flowers and leaf. Have a good night and I'll talk to you again soon.


  1. I love both of the new Funky Flowers! I'm so glad I decided to plant a garden. I received the Funky Flower chart from you in the mail today. Thanks for the very quick shipping!

    Your leaf will be wonderful to stitch on a cool Autumn day!

  2. Beautiful! I want to do a Funky Garden sometime, but a little kitten is keeping me busy. Will you be selling all the funky flowers on your etsy? I hope so. I will check later in the week.

  3. Beautiful stitchy cheery!

  4. I love both of them! The leaf too!
    I'm going to have a hard time trying to decide which three flowers will be planted in my garden.

    I'm often up late reading blogs just before bed. Sometimes it's the only time in the day where I have time to squeeze it in.


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