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Monday, July 26, 2010

Funky Flower Blog & peak @ a leaf + MORE

New leaf pattern coming soon and a frame that I finished.

Peak @ A Funky Flower and a new frame from coming from Valley House Primitives

Good Afternoon,
Just an update if there has been a little confusion. I would love to invite anyone who would like to stitch any Funky Flowers to join our blog. You do not have to stitch all 24. I just made another layout for someone that would only like to stitch 3 flowers and I will be making more layouts this week.
Also if you would like me to email to you a copy of the layout I can do that too. Just tell me which one it will be that you would like to plant your garden in and I can send it to you. You do not have to join the blog. It would be great if you did so you could share your progress but you don't have to. We all have so much going on in our lives, I understand.
So with all of that said, have a wonderful day and check back again for more updates.

And more sharing.

Bailey had a little to much seafood!! She needed a long nap. That lobster trap was full HAHA!!

I thought I would decorate the wall at school for the infants. A few Funky Flowers to brighten their day.

And an Etsy update. These will be added this afternoon. The Bumble Bee Pins are available. Each Bee is a little different

Have a good day


  1. Both your leaf and your latest Funky Flower are beautiful! I love the uniqueness and colors of your flowers.

    I sent you an email about becoming a Funky Flower Gardener. Hope you got it OK.

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Aw, Bailey is adorable... I love your Funky Flowers!

  3. That is a precious feline!! Darling - funny how they sleep in the most precarious situations sometimes and remain so comfortable! LOL


  4. Love the leaf! Can't wait to see it all. Bailey is just too cute! Thanks for sharing! LOVE your Halloween Cove!

  5. Bailey is so sweet! His perch is definitely an unusual one.
    I love the peak at the leaf and can't wait to see more. The colours look so rich.
    Every funky flower I see makes me want more. They are so fun and cheery looking!
    I will definitely be stitching some of these once I have some more time. Too much on the go right now.


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