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Sign up for new SAL- Rosewood Manor already released !!
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

More on Etsy

Hi everyone, I just spent most of the day with my daughter taking her cloths shopping. I was well prepared and had alot of patience. I wanted to go to the book store (My favorite place) but she was in a rush, so I quickly ran in and out, but I did get to take a look around. I found a magazine that was all about Artful Blogging by Summerset Studio. It looks great. I need to go to the store and pick up some coffee so I can sit with my new magazine. My quiet time. I did post some new items on my Etsy shop, just things that I need to let go of, I am a sharer(So I've been told).
Have a great day, Donna
And thanks to Teejay I can now link a site to my post. Thank you

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  1. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Hi. Just wanted to share a tip. You'll get a lot more traffic at your etsy shop if you put a link to it on your post.

    To put a link: in a separate window, go to the website that you want to link it to and right click in the address bar and click copy. Go back to your post and highlight the words you want to link for instance: etsy shop. Once highlighted, click on the icon above your post that looks like a chain link over a globe (I think that's what it is?: it is on the left next to the T with the color table). A dialogue box opens with an address bar, delete the "http:" that is already in there and then right click in the address bar and click paste. I hope this wasn't confusing. It is so much fun adding the links to your posts and I hope to get a link to check out the magazine you were speaking of.


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