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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pictures from this weekend and my new "Pin Tins"

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for all your prayers. My husband is doing better than he was. We still have more doctors to go to but at least he's getting out more. The hospital still hasn't found my bag yet but I started stitching it again. I was stitching on 32ct linen and this one is on 16ct Aida cloth. I can stitch so much faster when I can see.

I have some pictures to share from this weekend. We took a walk on the cliff walk which has signs posted that you should proceed at your own risk. We did, and we collected some rose hips to dry.

I also finished 7 of my "Pin Tins". I made the leaves with wool and made the acorns with real caps and the bodies out of wool. When you open the tins there is a magnet on the inside cover for your pins or needles and the bottom of the tin is lined with wool to store floss or tiny scissors or some special treasures. I'm not going to post them onto to Etsy until Wednesday evening.

I received an email from Sally and she shared a photo of "Courage" that she made. It looks good on white and she also stitched over one. I love it and I thank her for sharing.

Well thats it for this evening, until Wednesday, have a good night, Donna


  1. Donna - I finished my version of "Courage," using Wisper fuzzy thread for the sheep. Thanks for creating such a great design! I posted it on my blog (http://cyndistitches.blogspot.com/2008/10/for-my-friend-kathy-courage-donna.html) and put a link back to yours.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Donna, thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful pictures of the coast.
    The tins are adorable!
    I am stitching "Courage" and will share a photo with you when it is completed.

  4. Oh, love your tins! Your photos are just beautiful too--what scenery!

  5. Beautiful photos...I would love to walk an area like that and take in the sounds and smells.

  6. What beautiful pictures! Love the area. How I miss the ocean and salt air. Envy you your location! Thanks for sharing your walk!


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