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Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Gigi's Garden"

Good morning,
Here are some pictures of my latest design. I finished stitching the model but I still have to finish the framing. I also made a "Free Bonus Chart" to go along with the first 300 that I have the printer run for me. So if you like her please tell your local needle art shop to order one soon to hold for you because it should have the free chart in it(but only the first 300).
Here's a picture of that model too. I'm going to make it into a floss tag. I'm sure I'll finish it this weekend.

One more photo of "Spring Cove" Not much to see yet but I can feel the blossoms and the tiny leaves on the tree. Spring is in the air.

Well we have Liam this weekend and I'm happy
Also it's my birthday next week and my gift is a haircut and a frosting today. I've been looking for hairstyles. I'm so confused. Didn't want to go to short but I must look my age. Oh what a dilemma (Any way who said older women should have shorter hair)Oh!! I think it was my mother. Well we'll see what happens.
Have a good day


  1. First of all, awesome work on your Gigi! She's beautifully done! Now, I am the ripe old age of (almost) 43 and I've had a pixie type hair cut since I was about 30. I honestly cannot see myself going back to anything longer than that! I LOVE short hair on older women and if it's a "current" style, it makes us look so much younger and "hipper", LOL. Good luck-picking out a hairdo is so tough! Happy pre-birthday!! :)

  2. Oooh, I LOVE her!! What a gorgeous design! Congrats:)

    I'll be 50 this year and haircuts are always a problem for me! Mr. Right doesn't want me to look like a boy and I hate trying to find a style! We should just buy wigs...lol!!

  3. I love the girl's hair - so so cute!

  4. Gigi is darling Donna! Beautiful job on her! Oh, so excited, I see the beginnings of Spring Cove. Currently working on Autumn Cove for my MM&IRR. I'm way older than you and have hair past my shoulder, it is naturally curly and I wear a ponytail and baseball cap when I ride my horses! Can't imagine myself with short hair. Haha I'd look like a poodle with curly hair I'm afraid. I think age is a state of mind anyway. Nothing says hair has to be short or long. A gorgeous french twist for when you're out, ponytails, so many possibilities. Keep us posted on what you decide for a haircut. Layers is wonderful and manageable too.


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