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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spring Cove Peek

Oh my gosh, I can't stand this weather. It was so nice yesterday in the 50's and well today it's snowing again and oh so cold. And more snow for tomorrow.
I've been stitching and I'm almost finished Spring Cove. I don't have another design ready to go yet. Yikes, I'd better get going. In my peek(still working on the flowers and eyes) you can see some birds that are livinig in the tree. I have a couple of Egrets and Blue Heron. I know that the Blue Heron don't seem to nest in trees but mine do. Anything in my world is possible. Hope you enjoy the peek.
Have a good evening


  1. Yep, anything is possible with cross stitch--even herons nesting in trees! Your Spring Cove looks beautiful, just like all your other work, Donna. I'm still blown away by Gigi! She is so pretty!

  2. Pretty sneak peak:)

  3. Enjoyed seeing a peek of Spring Cove. Pretty!

  4. Those little birds look devine! Good luck with that designing sense. :D

  5. OMG! Donna I can't wait to see more of Spring Cove. I love herons like you wouldn't believe and we have them nesting in trees all around down here.

    I've already determined that quite a few of your designs will be a recurring theme in my house, a By the Bay cross stitch for every room....

    Your Mystic Cove (or is it Island? I just woke up) will be my next start and now I see Spring Cove to add to the list and I have Winter Cove I believe already purchased unless I'm confusing them all...LOL...I love your designs so much. I have three clouds left on 13th Colony Bay and some backstitching, but it's minimal....

  6. How very, very pretty :)
    Like your music too!

  7. OMG Donna I can't wait for Spring Cove! The birds are awesome! And I've actually seen Blue Herons land in trees. I won't say they stay there long but they do. Egrets land on anything LOL! Very nice piece!!

  8. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I can't wait to see how this looks! Very pretty peeks!

  9. I was just admiring some of your work. 2nd time visiting, 1st comment. I am new to the world of stitching and have been browsing various blogs to try and gain some knowledge and get some tips / ideas. I originally started with a stamped, then counted “kits”. I’m working on my 2nd chart and have noticed some big differences in floss types and quality.
    My Cross Stitch Mentor has told me that I’m ready to graduate from Aida, but I really like Aida. Maybe it’s just beginner’s comfort???
    If you would answer my question… What type of fabric or fabrics do you prefer and why? Brands and counts?
    I would appreciate any advice, thanks!

  10. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Really nice design :)

  11. Thanks for the nice freebie Donna.


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