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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beautiful Day

what a beautiful day, it is so sunny and cool it's just like fall. my sick husband is resting and my grandson that has an infected bug bite is also resting. we had to take him to the hospital yesterday, it is so large and red. poor thing, he's not moving well at all. but he's napping so i thought i would post a peek of my new winter stocking. have a good day, donna


  1. I hope your husband and grandson will be feeling better soon.
    Thanks for the peek. Looks great!

  2. I hope everyone recovers well soon!! Your poor gs ! I'm excited for your stocking-the peek is gorgeous!

  3. Oh I love the peek of the stocking! Hope everyone feels better soon. It's such a bummer to be sick.

  4. here's to sprinkling get well dust over your house! ;)


  5. I hope your husband and grandson feel better soon. Can't wait to see more of your winter stocking! It looks lovely.

  6. Pretty cross stitch. Hope your two guys get well soon.

  7. Hope your hubby and grandson are feeling better soon!

  8. Wow that's gorgeous! Hope everyone's doing better at your house! Thanks for the peek!


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