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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just rain

hi everyone, i thought i would post something about what we did this week instead of just stitching. we walked on the beach and my husband was in a romantic mood, wrote our initials in the sand and insisted we take a picture like the cards we see at the gift shops. what a ham. we also went with my son and grandson to 'yorks wild animal kingdom'. we had fun except that is was so darn hot. my husband had to go the hospital again for a few days after the zoo trip. that darn facial, orbital cellulitis and everything else he has. just can't seem to catch a break for more than 2 months. but he is home know resting on the couch,and we are going to have my grandson this weekend. he always brings laughter and joy into the house. Oh and the temps are only in the 60's and we have 'danny' on his way. whatever he may be a tropical storm or a hurricane. it's a great day to cook and stitch and play. have a good day, donna





  1. Donna, Grandchildren always make a home full of Fun & Laughter !!! LOL. Have a good time.

  2. Awww! Donna! That is so sweet of your hubby!!!

  3. Donna that is so sweet that your hubby is still so romantic! Enjoy your grandson!


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