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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Good Morning

What a cool New England fall morning. Just sitting here having some coffee waiting for my daughter to head of to school. Here are a couple more pictures of my finished "Winter Stocking". I named it that because it leaves me room for a Spring Summer and Fall stocking. It was fun going to "Joann Fabrics" and picking out fabric for the background. It might have taken me an hour but it was fun. Then there were the greens, well its fall and not to many stores have any winter greens or berries out yet, but I found some. Then the frame was a challenge too because I wanted a dark wood but didn't want to pay too much and it had to be big enough for the greens. So off I went to "Michaels" with my 50% off coupon. So here is the picture of my stocking.

I went to Yankee Cross Stitch and picked up my other models from last year of "Outline Christmas Art #1".

I have some fabric for those and plan on framing that stocking the same way. My "Christmas #1" has pomegranates in it and roses so I plan on hunting for some small dried pomegranates and old looking baby roses to put in it.I already have a plaid fabric with the same colors. I will post some pictures when its done.

Have a great day


  1. I love your Winter Stocking, and I think it's very clever the way you have framed it. How exciting that you will have a stocking for the other seasons!

    I also love your Outline Christmas Art #1 and purchased it recently along with your Pomegranate Estate. I love pomegranates! I need to tie up loose stitching ends for the rest of this year, but your Pomegranate designs are on the top of my list to start next year.

  2. Great presentation on your stocking! Just lovely! The other pieces are great too-pomegranates remind me of my grandmother. She "taught" me how to eat them when I was a young girl!

  3. I love framing the stocking! It turned out beautifully. Congrats on another lovely design.

  4. Love the Winter stocking... absolutely beautiful... looking forward to the others in the series!!!

  5. I love your idea with the stocking and the scene itself is beautiful.
    Looking forward to a series with this.

    I enjoy getting "lost" in the fabric aisles of Joann's!

  6. That is really darling :)
    Cute Idea!

  7. Your winter stocking is very pretty and so very well presented! I love the flowers and frame job.

  8. Wonderful ideas!! Having been a pomegranate fan for so many years, I'm partial to yours. It's just beautiful any way you work it!
    Hugs and love,

  9. Just love the new stocking. The framing is beautiful and a great idea. BTW, I can relate to taking an hour in Joann's to pick out the perfect fabric!

  10. I love the new stocking . It is just beautiful and will definitely be purchasing it.I have a lot of your designs in my stash that I hope to be starting soon. I live in an 1870 house that they will fit perfectly in . So much stash so little time . Keep on making those beautiful designs!

  11. Love the new Winter Stocking :)

  12. What a sweet finish Donna! Love it! Beautiful stockings!

  13. Anonymous3:55 PM

    LOVE these stockings.... Will they be released soon... would love to do them for my tree this year!

  14. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT..!! Impressed with your idea. Your winter stocking is very pretty cute. Its really a great fun to visit Joann Fabrics and pick out favorite cute fabrics.


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