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Monday, September 14, 2009

Poinsettia Finish and oh my what to do about silk?

Wow , thank you for all your opinions, My dilemma is that my design is called "The Silk Road". It will picture mulberry bush's, homes, camels, roads, mountains, birds, etc, and will tell the story behind the silk road. So of course it should be stitched in silk (But we can do anything we want) I have much to check out, thanks to everyone that replied to my question. I appreciate your time.

And I finished the framing for my poinsettia. I love shopping for things to use.
I found mostly everything at "JOANNES" again. Thank goodness for fabric stores.

I did find some very small pomegranates to use for finishing my other stocking. Here's a picture of what I will use.

But it will have to wait until Wednesday, I have to work tomorrow so no time for finishing projects.

Once again thanks for your input it means alot to me.


  1. Wow! I love the way you finished the poinsetta piece, stunning! The stocking is very pretty too.

  2. Beautiful! I love the pomegranate pieces too. How did I miss those last year?

    Silk -- didn't answer your last post. I like NPI and AVAS myself. :D Nowadays they tend to be the cheapest silks too, right?

  3. Your poinsettia is gorgeous - really the prettiest I've seen! I look forward next year to seeing Silk Road. Sounds like it will be a beautiful sampler. I wonder if I can find some of those tiny pomegranates. They would be so beautiful filling the stocking!

  4. I love how your poinsettia turned out. Great fabric choice.

  5. Love the finish! And yes, "Silk Road" should be stitched in silk.

  6. Here's an idea for Silk could collaborate and do a thread pack. I'm sure you have seen know, like Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks does with Crescent Colours. I'll bet if you contact the company who's silk you want to use, they could come up with something special for you.....

  7. What a great finish! Love that you took a smaller object and mounted it in such a unique way!

  8. Oooh The Silk Road sounds wonderful - roll on next year.

  9. Super finish on the poinsettia. Will you be releasing the chart soon?

  10. That is an adorable finish! Boy, you sure can crank out some stuff!! And it's all awesome!

  11. I love love love your idea for the Silk Road piece - it sounds beautiful. As for silks, NPI are good and readily available. I have a hard time finding AVAS. But, Belle Soie and Gloriana are both lovely (though expensive), if you're looking for a variegated look. But, I think if you're used to working in DMC, NPI is your best silk bet.


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