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Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Sam The Snowman" will be arriving soon!!

Good Morning,

I have finished Mr Snowman. I gave him a name "Sam". He looks so happy with his friends. I have been working on another Funky Flower "Cassandra". I will post a picture of her on Monday.

And I am off to work on another design called ?. I really do not know yet. Maybe you can help me. I will post pictures of my progress and you can think about names.

(Hint) Its a winter scene with a sleigh and a horse, houses in the snow and of course a village with the ocean in the background. Wow that was a big hint! As I post peeks you think about it until I ask for suggestions and the winner will receive the chart free in the mail before it goes to market.

Have a good day



  1. He's adorable! The contest sounds like fun -- I'll put my thinking cap on. :D

  2. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I love him, Donna! And I especially like that he's in front of mountains... I'm not a big snowman stitcher, but I think I might need him 'just because' ;)

  3. a contest.....I have an idea but of course I will wait and see how close to your desgin it is! I love the snowman...here in the Valley of the Sun (AZ)we do not get snow, but he might be fun as a memory of my East Coast days!

  4. Oh Donna, Sam needs to be on a Christmas tote bag to sit under the tree. He's adorable.
    Is the new design like "To Grandmother's House We Go"? I love that carol.

  5. Sam is so cute !! I have to have him !!!

  6. Hi My name is evelyne and I live in France. I love this snowman and the crown with berries is very very pretty ...
    I wait for your news dedigns , I a m very impatiently ... bye , evelyne.

  7. Sam is adorable! I am gonna have to get him, LOL!!

    @Gracie, I beg to differ with you. AZ does get snow. You have to go north to Flagstaff. I lived there for almost 3 years (2 winters) and it can be downright miserable at times, but not as bitterly cold as in MI (Where I am from originally). So if you're "jonesing" for snow, head north to the mountains of Flagstaff and have fun!!

  8. I'm smilin' with Sam. He's adorable and he's welcoming us with open arms. I hope this will be on the Etsy shop because I can't wait until it hits the stores!

  9. Sam is a gorgeous snowman design! I love the red cardinals and the wreath border. He looks so happy how could you not smile when you look at this!

  10. He is very handsome Donna! Another beautiful design!

  11. I love Sam the snowman! He is great! I was thinking when I read your hint for your next design with the sled and all...that maybe sometime you could do something like Currier and Ives. Just a suggest. I love all of your designs.


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