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Friday, August 26, 2011

New Release Coming Soon

Hi , I am going to the store soon to get ready for "Irene". We need batteries, water, and food that doesn't need the fridge.
But for the past few days I have been thinking about my "Stitch An Inch "fall scene that I made a month ago but I know I cant stitch in time for a fall release.
I really want to stitch the Christmas Stitch An Inch ornaments and I have another fall one planned along with Weeks Dye Works wool. So since I didn't want to hold on to it until next year I decided to release it with the computer image of the design. I hope you don't mind, I can work on it after Christmas and post pics or maybe some of you that finish it could share it with me and I can share your pictures.  
Just thought I would share a little FYI and I am off to the store!!. Hope you all stay safe that are in the path of IRENE
saying a little prayer for all of you


  1. Oh, very pretty! I don't think you all need to be too worried about Irene. Me on the other hand. That's a different story! lol!

  2. Oh Margaret be safe and I will be thinking of you and your family

  3. I think I like this one the best!

  4. Donna: Please stay safe, I hope Irene petters out before she reaches you.
    I love your new pattern.

  5. Donna, Hope Irene stays away from ya'll. Or at least dies down.. I like these Fall one too!
    Stay Safe!

  6. Very sweet deisign. I love the different options.
    Stay safe!

  7. I think this one is my favourite Donna and I'm really glad that you decided to release it now. I think I'd like to stitch it all as one design.
    I hope that Irene loses strength before she hits land and that you will all remain safe.

  8. alexandrine8:57 AM

    Are you ok ??
    Irene pass ????????????
    This chart is really nice .

  9. I must have this Fall set, I am so glad you didn't wait til next year!! :) I want to stitch it as one long row, as of now.

  10. Your Fall inch series is wonderful.


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