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Sign up for new SAL- Elm Shore Heights is the next release!! !!

Sign up for new SAL- Elm Shore Heights is the next release!! !!
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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thank you for your comments

Thank you everyone for the comments on the Halloween designs. I cant wait to finish them myself. Just waiting for more pendants to come in the mail so I can take the final photos. I spent some of the day getting things out of the basement at our old place and it feels never ending. I also went to Yankee Cross Stitch to hang up more models. My mom met me there to help and console me. I had to leave Erica a laundry basket full of charts because I was just to tired to price them all and hang them up. Yes my car is still acting up and I cried on the way to her shop because I am a baby driving in a car that is being crazy. So I got of the highway and took back roads so if I needed help it would be easier than being stranded on the highway. But I made it there and back but thought I would have a heart attack (that is how scared I get). We had an appointment for the car next week but my husband got them to bump it up to tomorrow because I cried. I usually can handle anything but the car is my terror spot. Oh well I am home safe!! I just added a few pendants on Etsy to go with the Stitch An Inch Summer's, but I cant wait to show you the Halloween ones, Here are a couple of pictures of the models at Yankee Cross Stitch so far.

Have a good night, I am off to take a bubble bath. I need it!!!


  1. Our wall looks great. Sorry about your car. Go enjoy your bubble bath.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. Donna, I understand your feelings about driving a car that is acting up. For 12 yrs I did a paper route in the wee hours of the morning. For 12 yrs I was a nervous wreck! Hope your car gets fixed and it is nothing too serious or expensive.

  3. I used to feel that way till I married a mechanic. Mechanic hubby used to buy fixer-uppers and put me in them to drive.. Let's just say before they got fixed. I broke down alot on the
    I kind of got used to it... He would get them all fixed and seel them.. I would start over again.. Now mind you this was in the early 1980's.. No cell phones.. Hope your weekend is better!!

  4. After 20 years of commuting to work I know exactly how you feel about the car. When my car would act up I would be a nervous wreck until I arrived safely at my destination. Then it would be a repeat performance of the way home.
    I hope your car woes are fixed soon. Frankly I think you deserve more than just a bubble bath!

  5. beautiful designs!!! i have been driving only a year now....i have similar fears too!!! hopefully everything is good now!!

  6. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Hey Donna,

    I love the new halloween designs!! Is White Pumpkin Patch still available? I love that and Temptation Hill. They are must haves!!

    I love all your designs, don't know which to move onto first...



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