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Saturday, October 15, 2011

What I did today :)

It is so beautiful today, and I finished designing "Stitch An Inch Christmas 2011". There are 10 tiny designs that can be tiny one inch treasures or they can be two inch Ornaments. I went to Yankee Cross Stitch this morning to drop off more things for her sale so I took a picture to share. I also have fallen in love with crocheting again and have added a little bit of it to one of my Funky Flowers. You can see it on the table in the photo. I made a ruffle and used the same DMC floss on the edges as I used in the flower. I also made the ruffle for the candle stick with the pumpkin pin cushions. It was so much fun, I love trying new things and adding embellishments.
I am going to sit on my porch and do some stitching so that I can share it tomorrow.
Have a good night
donna - OH YES!! "Bailey" says HI!!  (Shes on one of my book shelves and I think she looks grumpy! Must be naptime)


  1. Lovely display. I think I'd leave Bailey alone for awhile, though!

  2. Lots of really cute things, including Bailey.

  3. I love embellishing all my work its fun to see how other people add goodies to their work.
    Bailey is so sweet she is just giving you that I am a vamp look.

  4. I love the different 3-D that you add to coss stitch! I wish I knew how to crochet! lol I love anything that is different and one of a kind. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!!

  5. Darling and inviting display!

  6. Love your little crochet pumpkin pads. What a cute idea, Donna.


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