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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A few pictures to share

I went to Yankee Cross Stitch the other day and changed my display table from Christmas to flowers.
I have on display the Funky Flowers and a huge wool flower pin cushion that I made.

I also finished designing Stitch An Inch Spring and almost finished with Blueberry Hill. They should be available by the end of next week.
I will post peeks soon but for today I am sharing the photos from Yankee of the new display and the huge wool pin cushion.

Oh and yes my  Christmas Cactus is in bloom and Tobey posed for me so I could show how big he has gotten since Christmas :)

Have a wonderful day


  1. Thanks for the photos! I do so miss Yankee Cross Stitch. The pin cushion is beautiful.

  2. What a lovely display, perfect for our springtime longings! Your Christmas cactus is gorgeous too. And your Tobey is adorable! Love the black patch on his chin!

  3. Your display is nice.
    Love the pincushion.
    Toby is cute.

  4. Your items look great in that section Donna! Hope all is well!

  5. excellent photos sometimes seeing this makes me feel missing something.


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