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Friday, March 02, 2012

New Home For Funky Flowers over (1)

I finished the framing for the 5 Funky Flowers that were stitched over (1) with the frames from Old Colonial. I needed them to be all together so that I could send them on trunk shows and not get lost. I hope you like it.

My mother just happened to find this frame for me which had a small inspirational poster in it. I took the poster out and went to the paper store to find something special  that would go with the colors. I needed it plain so it would not take away from the stitched flowers. I found a green(Just the right shade) and a brown corrugated cardboard that matched the brown in the frames from Olde Colonial. I glued the framed pieces down and thought that the in between spaces were to plain. So I got out my handy friend "the Wool" and I cut some circles, gathered them, stuffed and added lines around them. I also cut out leaves and stitched lines for the veins and of course dots for the theme of all the Funky Flowers. Then I glued them down and I am happy with it.
So just an idea to spice up some framing.


  1. Love how this turned out!!!

  2. Anonymous4:19 PM


    Just visiting your blog.

    I love the way you finished this it looks great.

  3. I love it!! You come up with the greatest projects!!

  4. I love what you did with it! Lovely!

  5. It looks fabulous! Perfect for sending out to shops. blyn :0)

  6. What a unique way to display your finishes!

  7. Looks perfect to me.....

  8. What a great idea! It looks wonderful! :D Cathryn

  9. Great job. They will stay together nicely now and I think the wool in between is just right.

  10. What a great idea!

  11. I absolutely LOVE your funky flowers, and am hoping to buy the charts for all of them quite soon (just have to find work first to pay for I am not normally much for flower embroideries, but they are really gorgeous:) I do love most of your designs really...wish I could design things myself, but I am not artistic in that way. Keep up the good work:) X Ylva

  12. WoW! Such a wonderful idea.=D


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