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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Great Class and PDF's on Etsy

some trees from the first class

some trees from the afternoon class
I had such a great time yesterday, I didn't expect the snow that we received. It was pretty slippery in the early morning and I slid right through a red light. It was scary for the moment but I made sure my speed limit on the way home was only 25 all the way. It was so crowded in Kennebunkport for their Christmas Prelude. They had a HAT parade, great craft fairs and caroling. I believe Santa arrived too. The gals in the 2 classes I had were great and they were so happy with their trees, they want to make more. LeAnn is booking more tree classes for next Saturday the 8th and also the 15th. So if you live close by please sign up because it is so much fun.
I have added the directions for the wool trees onto my Etsy shop. I have included the directions for an 8in, 12in, 18in, 24in, and a 36in tree in the packet. I have these in PDF format so you make them in time for Christmas. I also included the site that I purchase the tree stands from if you want to order them on your own,. I did order some and as soon as they come in I will add them to Etsy but they are not here yet.
Included in the class was the directions and a kit for the Little Clip-On Birds. I am offering the PDF directions on Etsy for these cute birds also. The source for the clips for the bottom of the birds is included in the chart too and I will be ordering more for myself and the Etsy shop this afternoon.
There are plenty of colored photos for you in the directions.
I am off to fix the partridge and the pear pincushion and to design a cardinal for the next "Bird Of A Funky Feather"
Have a great day

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  1. Oh, I wish I lived closer and could take a class--these are wonderful!!!


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