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Friday, December 07, 2012

New Design " White Birch Winter"

I am so excited to share with you a photo of my new design called "White Birch Winter" I just love the deer in the snow and white birch trees remind me of living in NH. They are one of my favorite. I do not have directions done yet but they should be ready by Monday.
 I am on my way to Yankee Cross Stitch to set up the models that have been out in trunk shows and I will leave the model of this new one there too. Then tomorrow I have another wool Feather tree class at Camp Wool in Kennebunkport.
I hope you all received my newsletter last night because I have started then up again.
Have a wonderful day
and I will post again tomorrow night with the tiny cork tree's made with wool and pipe cleaners  These would look so cute in a Nativity scene. I will have more photo directions for you then.  


  1. This is a very pretty design. Don't you love the bark on a White Birch tree? I did receive your newsletter. Very enjoyable to read.

  2. Oh so pretty!! I love the White Birch winter. And the Tree is very cool too! Please put my name in the hat for your drawing.
    Thanks so much! Merry Stitching!

  3. LOVE It!!! I seem to be partial to winter designs and this one is a must have for me!

  4. I love your new design!


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