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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wool and Cork Tree Tutorial

I have some simple directions for you to use your scrap pieces of wool and some pipe cleaners to make tiny trees for the Holidays. You can make these with the 2 pieces of wool that I did or you can use just a single strip of wool and maybe different shades of green for a festive woodland Christmas.
Just a reminder if you make your trees to tall they will not stand very well so I suggest that you glue the cork onto small wooden circle disc's that you can purchase at a local craft store. You could also add one cork on top of the other to make them taller. Another suggestion is to use a thick wire instead of a pipe cleaner. But whatever you decide these are cute to make and are pretty easy. So enjoy and maybe you could have the kids or grandkids help.
Cut 2 strips of wool 1 1/4 in  wide by approx 6 in long. You can make these longer if you want your trees to be taller
I used a white piece and a green piece cut together

Cut your fringe into the section by cutting approx 1 inch into the strip and leaving 1/4 inch for twisting. Fringe both pieces together at the same time. (one on top of the other)
Take your brown pipe cleaner and hook one end. 

Hook the pipe cleaner over the first fringe

Start to twist the fringe around the pipe cleaner. You are twisting the 2 layers together at the same time.  No glue is needed along the pipe cleaner because it will grip the wool  but you will only need the dab at the bottom

When you are the end of the fringe add a dab of glue to the bottom to secure the end of the fringe to the pipe cleaner. 

Secure with a clip and set aside to dry. 

I used a knitting needle and made a hole in the center of a cork. Make sure you twist the needle in a bit to make the hole big enough for the pipe cleaner 

I then filled it with  glue and inserted the pipe cleaner in to the cork. 

Voila!!! All done . You have a tiny wool tree for your Nativity or to decorate around the house.

This was another idea to make your wool feather tree from 2 pieces of wool at the same time and this tree could have a candy cane look. :) 
I hope you enjoyed this little Holiday tip and have a good day


  1. So cute and so clever!

  2. These are precious Donna. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.

  3. Thank you for sharing a really cute idea...


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