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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Taking names for a giveaway! Wool applique

Giveaway is for the pattern only and not the finished work :)

What another glorious day here. I just love waking up to the sound of the birds. I know they are singing praises to God. My daughter is going to get me a CD, sounds of nature with the songs of birds. Cant wait :>). (Late Mothers Day gift). I will have it playing on the porch all the time.
Well enough of my bird talk I have a giveaway for you and this one is for "Seaside Blue In Wool"
It is all wool applique but you could also applique with fabric by just adding a 1/4 inch around the pattern pieces for turning under. I will have the drawing on Friday so if you would like to please leave me a message and I will add your name to the hat for the drawing.
On my way to pick up hubby, tuck him away in bed and do some more stitching (after a little house work).
I will post more tomorrow, promise :>)


  1. Aww it's so sweet..please count me in..
    Thank you
    Love x

  2. That is so pretty! Please enter my name!
    Thank you!
    gailxs at

  3. Very pretty! Thanks for the giveaway. I hope your DH is feeling better.

  4. What a pretty picture! I, too, love birdsong, Donna. I have 3 feeders in the trumpet vines off of my patio and at least 10 times a day, there's a purple finch just SINGING madly. I'm visited by house finches, purple finches, house sparrows, pine siskins, the occasional pairs of American Goldfinch and Cardinal, and at least one fly-by squawking of the blue jay pair in the next yard but one. In the fall I have both Western and dark-eyed junco's and the very occasional towhee. See, you're not the only bird-mad woman out there! And I KNOW they're praising Him with every breath. Oh! Do add me to the giveaway, please. Cheers!

  5. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway!
    What a sweet design, Thanks for the chance. Pat

  6. You are too wonderful Miss Donna, I LOVE this!! Hope the hubs is doing well!....

  7. Its gorgeous! Id love to have a chance to win :)

  8. So pretty. Please count me in. Thank you so much

  9. Beautiful pattern! And I am learning more about wool applique this summer :)

  10. Very pretty, I have wanted to try applique for ages, this kit would be great.

  11. Lovely giveaway, but I am just stopping by to say hello since I won a chart last time.
    I hope that spring has arrived and that the lilacs will be out soon.

  12. Wow thanks for the offer Donna, it is really beautiful! Please count me in!

  13. This is really beautiful! I can almost hear the gulls calling...Please add me in, love your work :)

  14. please, pouvez-vous m'ajouter à la liste, merci


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