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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Nine Woolly sisters" Tree Skirt/ Penny rug is ready and I have in stock tree stands

I am finally finished with the craft fair at church. It took so much work to prepare for and time. I made so many things that I thought would be for a craft fair. You just never know what will sell and to whom. So my porch is a mess and I still have things in the trunk that I need to take care of.
i cant wait for my Open House on the porch /studio. But at the moment it is a mess.
Just want to share some photos that I have and also to tell you that id anyone lives in the Maine area or NH seacoast I am teaching at Camp Wool this Sunday the Wool Feather Tree class and along with it I am supplying the "Nine Woolly sisters" pattern. So give LeAnn a call and sign up. I am also teaching it at Yankee Cross Stitch on Nov 2 and you can give Erica a call for that one.
My little corner at the fair.

I met plenty of nice people and many of them stitch, so I am hoping we can get together and stitch some time. But now that I am free from that I am finishing my designs and working on my website. 
But in the mean time I have added some tree stands, tree skirt patterns and tree directions to Etsy.https://www.etsy.com/shop/ByTheBayNeedleart
Have a good night

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