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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Design "Holy Night" ornaments

I finished stitching my new design called "Holy Night"
I stitched it on 18ct Natural linen over (1). I like the primitive look. There are 6 ornaments each with a stitch count of 42 x 42.
I did stitch the 3 Wise men together as a long scene but they can each be stitched as a 42 x 42 stitch count ornament. 
I am working on the directions this evening and to the printer in the morning so charts will be ready to go out by Thursday evening. I hope you like what my fingers have been busy stitching.
Have a good night

I finished my ornaments with stuffing but they would also look great as a flat ornament. 


  1. They are lovely!

  2. These are lovely, Donna!

  3. What lovely ornaments, they look fantastic and I love the fabric you've stitched them on, it really adds to the look of them I think!

  4. Very nice ornament set!

  5. Oh I love the new ornament set Donna. I really like the 3 Wise Men stitched together.


  6. Lovely ornaments!

  7. How beautiful. I love these

  8. Really beautiful Donna!

  9. This is a wonderful set! I must add these to my wish list.


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