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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Crazy mini quilts in wool available

I have some crazy mini wool quilts available on Etsy. These are my "Parkits" short for partial kits :)
I only have 8 available at the moment. These are limited to the amount of sheep that I had printed. They are perfect for summer. Small project to get done in a short amount of time and not to big to carry along.
I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I am off to stitch more and will talk to you again soon. Check these out on Etsy with more info there.

I just finished this crochet edge. I took the mini quilt with the 2 grommets that had a hanger , took the rope out, then I took my #7 crochet hook along with some Valdani perle cotton and made a crochet edge of 3 double crochets in a buttonhole stitch then a slip stitch in the next buttonhole stitch. I followed this pattern all around. It was very tight and I had to take a break my fingers fell asleep a few times but I love the look. Since I had the grommets still there I covered them some old buttons that I found in my jar along with strong glue. I then glued it down on the cover of a journal that I have been writing some poems and prayers in.
I am very happy with it and thought I would share.
Have a good night

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  1. Love your work; you are very creative and talented.


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