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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

New design and a Free PDF Wool Applique Finish

Good morning to all. I spent yesterday working  finishing some projects that I had started. The first is called "Autumn Fleur". I just love to finish with wool and this is what I did. I have the directions for you here with the pattern templates included in this PDF. You can always stitch another design in the center, also a punch needle design for fall would look wonderful.  I found the wool that I used at Camp Wool. 
"Autumn Fleur" 
The pattern for the cross stitching has been added to my Etsy shop. It comes with the fabric that I hand dyed myself. You can not see to much from this photo but it is a yellowish background along with some purple and green dabbed in. 
This weeks highlights in the Etsy shop are "Spooky Hill" and "Fall Leaf". Yes I know it is still summer but what a great time to get your stitching done in time for Fall :) .
Spooky Hill
Spooky Hill was designed in 2005. I was stitching my Hill series and was thinking about Spooky Hollow. I loved that movie as a kid and remember the school teacher Ichabod Crane. So I made this design so I could remember that childhood time. I have it on Etsy for this weeks special. 
 I found this really cute site that makes cute paper mache figurines that have a Spooky Hollow theme.
"Fall Leaf"
"Fall Leaf" was designed in 2010. I just wanted something simple that I could use an over dyed floss on that really showed fall leaf colors. I finished the frame myself. The frame was painted orange then I added a layer of glue, let it dry a bit and then brushed on the black paint. I could not wait for it to dry naturally so I used my blow dryer to hurry the process along. Here is a link to a site with very simple directions if you would like to try this yourself. This one is also on Etsy for this weeks special.  
This is my post for today I hope you have a great rest of the week and I am off to the printer to pick up "Nantucket Village #5. It should be up on Etsy tomorrow. 


  1. Love them all! Ichabod Crane has a special place in my heart. We don't live far from where It all might have happened. :D

  2. Aww they all so sweet..
    Big hugs x


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